Today KASE holds repeated specialized trades on placement of MEUKAM-144 of the third issue (KZKD00000378, MUM144_0003) with settlements on July 11

07.07.22 09:27
/KASE, July 7, 2022/ – As it was informed earlier, today in trade system of Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) specialized trades on placement of government long-term treasury instruments of the Ministry of finance of Kazakhstan (MEUKAM) are held again on the following terms (Nur-Sultan time). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Type of securities: МЕUКАМ-144 ISIN: KZKD00000378 Serial number of the issue: 0003 / 144 KASE trade code: MUM144_0003 Face value, KZT: 1,000.00 Volume of bonds in circulation, pcs: 343,899,692 Date of circulation start: April 26, 2011 Last day of circulation: April 25, 2023 Maturity date: Aprl 26, 2023 Circulation term: 12 years (4,320 days) Coupon rate: 5.30 % per annum Coupon payment period: 1 time in a year Coupon Payment Schedule: 1 April 26, 2012 2 April 26, 2013 3 April 28, 2014 4 April 27, 2015 5 April 26, 2016 6 April 26, 2017 7 April 26, 2018 8 April 26, 2019 9 April 27, 2020 10 April 26, 2021 11 April 26, 2022 12 April 26, 2023 Time base: 30 / 360 ---------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trading date: July 7, 2022 Term to maturity: 0.8 years (289 days) Announced volume of placement, KZT million: 25,000.0 Trading subject: "net" price Market order satisfaction rate, %*: 70 Method of orders submission: Closed Time of acceptance of orders: 09:00–11:00 Time of orders confirmation: 09:00–11:00 Cut-off date and time: July 7, 2022, 15:00 Payment date: July 11, 2022 Method of satisfying limited counter orders: in accordance with Article 28(6) of the Trading and Clearing Systems' Trading Methods Regulations The method of satisfying limited orders: at prices of limited counter orders equal to the cut-off price or which are more favourable to the seller Market order satisfaction method: at weighted average price ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *In accordance with the Regulation on Trading Methods in Trading and Clearing Systems, market bids can only be submitted after a trading participant has submitted limit bids to ensure the allowable percentage of market orders per trading participant; and withdrawal of a limit bid is prohibited if the allowable percentage of market bids per trading participant is breached. The price in the order must be the "net" (excluding accrued interest) price of the bond as a percentage of the face value, expressed to the nearest fourth decimal place. Settlements on this floatation will be made on scheme T+2. Trades participants are obliged by the payment date indicated in the table to provide availability of money on the money account, which is used for settlements on deals in securities in accordance with the rules set by Central securities depository JSC (Almaty), in the amount sufficient for payment of treasury instruments purchased by them (assuming that all bids submitted by trades participants and accepted by KASE are to be satisfied). In case the submitted bids are satisfied in whole or in part, the payment of corresponding amount should be made in accordance with the Rules of placement of state treasury obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The text of the mentioned Rules is published at the following link Rules for the issue, placement, circulation, servicing and redemption of state treasury bonds of the Republic of Kazakhstan are published at Regulation on Trading and Clearing Systems Trading and Clearing Methods is published at Details of the bond issue can be found here [2022-07-07]