Partners of Microfinance Organization "KMF" made decision on distribution of income for 2021

08.04.22 12:16
/KASE, April 8, 2022/ – Microfinance Organization "KMF" LLP (Almaty), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about the decisions of the general meeting of its partners held on March 31, 2022: - to approve the financial statements of the partnership for 2021, confirmed by the external auditor Ernst & Young LLP; - to distribute 2021 profit in the amount of 14,028,176,369 tenge as follows: - to direct 280 563 527 tenge to replenish the reserve fund of the partnership; - not to distribute 13 760 773 644 tenge and postpone the decision on distribution. This information is available (in Kazakh and Russian) on – [2022-04-08]