Securities of 15 titles excluded from List T+

04.03.22 18:20
/KASE, March 4, 2022/ – The Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) decided to exclude the following securities from the List of financial instruments admitted to deals with the central counterparty on the terms of partial collateral (List T+): from March 3, 2022 – international bonds XS0088543193 ("government securities" sector, RU_01_2806) of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; from March 4, 2022: 1) common shares RU0009062285 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_AFLT) of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines PJSC; 2) common shares RU0007661625 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_GAZP) of Gazprom PJSC; 3) common shares RU0007288411 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_GMKN) of MMC "Norilsk Nickel" PJSC; 4) common shares RU0009024277 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_LKOH) of Lukoil PJSC; 5) common shares RU000A0JKQU8 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_MGNT) of Magnit PJSC; 6) common shares RU0009046452 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_NLMK) of Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant PJSC; 7) common shares RU0008943394 (KASE main market, category "standard", RU_RTKM) of Rostelecom PJSC; 8) common shares RU0009029540 (KASE main market, "premium" category, RU_SBER) of Sberbank PJSC; 9) common shares RU000A0JP5V6 (KASE main market, premium category, RU_VTBR) of VTB Bank (PJSC); 10) units RU000A101NK4 (sector "securities of investment funds", RU_UKFFipo) of Closed-end unit investment trust "Initial offerings fund" managed by Management Company "East-West" LLC; 11) international bonds XS0971721450 ("government securities" sector, RU_19_2309) of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; 12) international bonds RU000A102CL3 ("government securities" sector, RU_20_3211) of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; 13) international bonds RU000A102CK5 ("government securities" sector, RU_21_2711) of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation; 14) international bonds RU000A0JXS34 (main market of KASE, category "bonds", TMJLe5) of KTZh Finance LLC. The procedure for including financial instruments in the List T+ and the Collateral List T+ is published on KASE website at [2022-03-04]