First Heartland Securities relinquishes status of market-maker on KASE for common shares of eight titles

04.03.22 17:24
/KASE, March 4, 2022/ – By a decision of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), as of March 10, 2022, First Heartland Securities JSC is released from its duties as a market-maker on KASE for the following common shares: 1) US4781601046 (sector "KASE Global", JNJ_KZ) of Johnson & Johnson; 2) US6516391066 (sector "KASE Global", NEM_KZ) of Newmont Corp.; 3) US30231G1022 (sector "KASE Global", XOM_KZ) of Exxon Mobil Corporation; 4) US20825C1045 (sector "KASE Global", COP_KZ) of ConocoPhillips; 5) US0028241000 (sector "KASE Global", ABT_KZ) of Abbott Lab.; 6) US79466L3024 (sector "KASE Global", CRM_KZ) of SALESFORCE.COM Inc; 7) US35671D8570 (sector "KASE Global", FCX_KZ) of Freeport-McMoRan Inc.; 8) US0079031078 (sector "KASE Global", AMD_KZ) of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. This decision was made in accordance with article 3 of KASE's internal document "Rules of market-makers' activities" due to the market-maker's relinquishment of the specified status. [2022-03-04]