28.02.22 10:46
/KASE, February 28, 2022/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs you that today, February 28, trading in the instrument USDKZT_TOM is supposed to be held from 15:00 o'clock, Nur-Sultan time, using the Frankfurt auction method. The Frankfurt auction method involves determining the time period of the "auction window", during which market participants can submit orders to buy and sell a financial instrument at prices and in volumes that they consider acceptable and fair. During this period of time, any market participant can freely submit and withdraw any number of orders to buy or sell. Participants are informed in advance about the duration of the "auction window", as well as about the duration of the final period of the auction, during which it closes at a random moment. The weighted average rate based on the results of the auction is set as the value of the price at which the largest volume of orders submitted during the auction can be executed. Thus, the mechanism of the Frankfurt auction is a tool for objective determination of the equilibrium value of the financial instrument rate at a certain point in time. This mechanism is widely used in exchange trading and is used for closing and opening auctions of trading in financial instruments; it is a mechanism for determining the prices of instruments during periods of high volatility. [2022-02-28]