Specialized trading sessions for placement on January 12 on KASE MEUKAM-168 of the fifth issue (KZKD00001111, MUM168_0005) of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan were declared invalid

12.01.22 19:07
/KASE, January 12, 2022/ – Today, the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) held repeated specialized trading session for the placement of state long-term treasury obligations of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MEUKAM). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TERMS OF PLACEMENT: ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trading date: January 12, 2022 Term to maturity: 13.2 years (4,738 days) Announced volume of placement, million tenge: 30,000.0 The subject of the trading session: "clean" price The degree of satisfaction of market orders, %: 70 Order method: closed Order acceptance time: 09:00–11:00 Order confirmation time: 09:00–11:00 Cut-off time: January 12, 2022, 15:00 Payment date: January 14, 2022 Method of satisfaction of limited counter orders: in accordance with item 6 Articles 28 of the Regulations on the methods of Trading in trading and Clearing systems Method of satisfaction of limited orders: at the prices of limited counter-orders equal to the cut-off price or being more profitable for the seller Method of satisfying market orders: at a weighted average price -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specialized trading sessions have been recognized and declared invalid in accordance with sub-item 2) item 1 of Article 27 of the internal document of KASE "Regulation on methods of trading in trading and clearing systems", due to the fact that KASE has not accepted any limited counter-orders. [2022-01-12]