The Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan placed 3.0 million MEUKAM-096 of issue 11 (KZKD00001095, MUM096_0011) on KASE on January 12 with a yield to maturity of 10.75% per annum

12.01.22 18:54
/KASE, January 12, 2022/ – Today, the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) held repeated specialized trading sessions for the placement of state long-term treasury obligations of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MEUKAM). The following are the parameters of demand and the results of specialized trades. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEMAND PARAMETERS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of participants: 1 Number of orders submitted (total / active): 1 / 1 including: - limited: 1 / 1 - market: 0 / 0 Volume of active orders*, million tenge: 3,025.5 including: - limited: 3,025.5 - market: 0 Demand to supply: 12.0 % "Net" price for submitted orders, % of 98.6090 face value (for all / active): 10.7500 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * active orders – orders that have not been canceled by trading participants at the time of the expiration of the order submission period, including those confirmed by the participants of the Confirmation System. PLACEMENT RESULTS: -------------------------------------------------- --------------- Volume of satisfied orders, bonds: 3,000,000 Volume of satisfied orders, tenge: 3,025,452,500.0 Number of satisfied orders: 1 Number of participants whose orders are satisfied: 1 Volume of satisfied orders, % of the plan: 12.0 Volume of satisfied orders, % of demand 100.0 "Net" cut-off price, %: 98.6090 "Net" price in satisfied orders, % 98.6090 from the nominal value: 10.7500 Yield at the cut-off price, % per annum: 10.7500 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Calculations for this placement will be carried out according to the T+2 scheme. The MEKAM sold at today's trading session will be admitted to circulation on the secondary market of KASE under the trading code indicated in the table on the next business day after the day of fulfillment of obligations under the transactions. At the same time, the bonds must be quoted in the KASE trading system at clean prices. TERMS OF PLACEMENT: ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trading date: January 12, 2022 Term to maturity: 6.8 years (2,445 days) Announced volume of placement, million tenge: 25,000.0 The subject of the trading session: "clean" price The degree of satisfaction of market orders, %: 70 Order method: closed Order acceptance time: 09:00–11:00 Order confirmation time: 09:00–11:00 Cut-off time: January 12, 2022, 15:00 Date and time of payment: January 14, 2022 Method of satisfaction of limited counter orders: in accordance with item 6 Articles 28 of the Regulations on the methods of Trading in trading and Clearing systems Method of satisfaction of limited orders: at the prices of limited counter orders equal to the cut-off price or being more profitable for the seller Method of satisfying market orders: at a weighted average price -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taking into account the earlier placement, the total volume of MEUKAM-096 issue 11 (KZKD00001095, MUM096_0011) amounted to 47,889,726 bonds for the amount of the nominal value of 47,889,726,000 tenge. The rules for the issuance, placement, circulation, servicing and repayment of state treasury obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan are published at the link The rules for the placement of state treasury obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan are published at the link [2022-01-12]