According to the results of the second stage of the "Exchange Simulator" competition, the trading volume reached 5.2 billion tenge

11.01.22 11:28
/KASE, January 11, 2022/ – The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs that on January 6, 2022, the second stage of the Exchange Simulator training competition was completed. According to the results of the second stage, the trading volume amounted to 5,179 million tenge. The average daily volume of transactions exceeded 287 million tenge. Below is information on all concluded transactions in the context of instruments for the period of training trades. ----------------------------------------------------- Trading code Number of transactions Volume, tenge ------------ ---------------------- ----------------- BAST 107 54,092,409.45 CCBN 352 260,063,723.95 HSBK 470 425,297,029.37 IE_FXBF 112 56,988,945.93 KCEL 231 130,337,889.36 KEGC 145 77,667,362.61 KZAP 689 701,387,139.18 KZTK 296 272,543,289.21 KZTO 308 239,134,219.55 NL_YNDX 713 733,515,847.84 RU_AFLT 171 105,094,303.61 RU_GAZP 1 010 927,115,798.93 RU_NLMK 348 333,626,653.47 RU_RTKM 535 489,263,315.99 RU_SBER 457 373,203,401.07 ------------ ---------------------- ----------------- Total 5,944 5,179,331,329.52 ----------------------------------------------------- The maximum number and maximum volume of transactions concluded by one participant amounted to 522 transactions and 544,609,292 tenge, respectively. More than 3,000 students from more than 100 different educational institutions were registered to participate in the Exchange Simulator project. The aim of the project is to increase the financial literacy of young professionals and to gain practical skills in the stock market. Students were given the opportunity to trade instruments from the list of the first class of liquidity. Each participant is provided with a portfolio of one million tenge for management at the beginning of the auction. The main task of the students was to form the best portfolio, which determines the winners of the competition. This competition has been held by the KASE Group of Companies since 2008. [2022-01-11]