Amendments to the Rules for carrying out settlements on foreign exchange trading are put into effect from January 5

10.01.22 19:46
/KASE, January 10, 2022/ – By a decision of a Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE or the Exchange) from December 30, 2021 additions and amendment s No.1 approved to the internal document of KASE "Rules for carrying out settlements on foreign exchange trading" (Rules), which are put into effect from January 5, 2022. These amendments are connected with carrying out settlements of KASE and JSC Central Securities Depository on trading with foreign exchange and take into account the following: - Central depository has the right to determine and use for carrying out settlements with KASE separate bank accounts in Kazakhstani tenge/ foreign exchanges in purpose of calculation of own and client’s money. - внесены изменения в приложение 5 (заявление о сохранении денег на корреспондентском счете Биржи), в целях указания Центральным депозитарием определенного агрегированного клиентского учетного счета, для сохранения денег на корреспондентском счете Биржи. - Amendments were made in appendix 5 ( application on saving money in correspondent account of the Exchange), in purpose of determining by Central depository aggregated client account, for saving money on correspondent account of the Exchange. Updated text of Rules will be published on KASE web-site soon. [2022-01-10]