13 securities will be included in List T+ from December 15

13.12.21 17:30
/KASE, December 13, 2021/ – The Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) made a decision to include from December 15, 2021 the following securities in the List of financial instruments admitted to transactions with the central counterparty on terms of partial collateral (List T+): 1) international bonds XS2337670421, US25159XAC74 (KASE main market, category "bonds", BRKZe11) of Development Bank of Kazakhstan; 2) international bonds CH0246199050 (KASE main market, category "bonds", TMJLe3) of NC Kazakhstan temir zholy; 3) international bonds RU000A0JXS34 (KASE main market, category "bonds", TMJLe5) of KTZh Finance PLC; 4) international bonds XS2251962903 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe4) of Asian Development Bank; 5) international bonds XS2251962499 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe5) of Asian Development Bank; 6) international bonds XS2294363689 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe7) of Asian Development Bank; 7) international bonds XS2351373134 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe8) of Asian Development Bank; 8) international bonds US912810SY55 (sector "government securities", US_08_4105) of the United States Department of the Treasury; 9) bonds KZ2C00007490 (KASE main market, category "bonds", KFUSb16) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund; 10) bonds KZ2C00008043 (KASE main market, category "commercial bonds", KFUSb31) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund; 11) bonds KZ2D00006525 (KASE main market, category "commercial bonds", BVTBb7) of Subsidiary Organization VTB Bank (Kazakhstan); 12) global depositary receipts US48581R1068 (sector "derivative securities", KSPId), the underlying asset of which are common shares KZ1C00001536 (KASE main market, category "standard", KSPI) of Kaspi.kz JSC; 13) units KZPF00000124 (sector "securities of investment funds", FHJIhm) of IUIT "harMONEY" managed by First Heartland Jusan Invest. The procedure for including financial instruments in the List T+ and Collateral List T+ is published on the KASE website at https://kase.kz/files/normative_base/order_instruments_T+_eng.pdf [2021-12-13]