Trades in common shares US55616P1049 (M_KZ) of Macy's will be suspended on KASE from December 13

09.12.21 16:04
/KASE, December 9, 2021/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs you that from December 13, 2021 trades in common shares US55616P1049 (sector "KASE Global", M_KZ) of Macy's (USA) will be suspended on KASE. At the same time, from December 10, 2021, trading in these shares will be suspended on KASE in trading modes, the settlement date of which falls on December 15, 2021 and subsequent dates. Trades will be suspended in accordance with subparagraph 1) of paragraph 1 of Article 11-2 of KASE's internal document "Rules for execution of exchange activities" due to the availability of information from KASE that on December 15, 2021 the register will be fixed for the payment of dividends on these shares. [2021-12-09]