From November 15, amendments to Procedure for inclusion of financial instruments in T+ List and + Collateral List T come into effect

11.11.21 18:31
/KASE, November 11, 2021/ – By a decision of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) dated November 10, 2021, changes and additions No. 4 (amendments) to KASE's internal document "The Procedure for Inclusion of Financial Instruments in the T+ List and the T+ Collateral List" (the Procedure) were approved, with effect from November 15, 2021. The amendments were made in connection with the creation of the "KASE Global" sector in the structure of KASE official list, intended for circulation of securities of foreign issuers. The amendments provide for the following: - the procedure for including foreign shares of the "KASE Global" sector in the T+ List and the T+ Collateral List has been determined; - the possibility of including a financial instrument in the T+ Collateral List at the request of a clearing participant has been established. The updated text of the Procedure will be published on KASE website in the "KASE Rules" section. [2021-11-11]