From December 1, amendments to Regulations on terms of commercial dissemination of market data will be effective

19.10.21 17:53
/KASE, October 19, 2021/ โ€“ By a decision of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) dated October 14, 2021, additions No. 7 (the additions) to KASE's internal document "Regulations on terms of commercial dissemination of market data" (the Regulations) were approved, which will be effective from December 1, 2021. Following the said additions, the list of KASE's information products was supplemented with an information bot โ€“ KASEInfoBot. The bot contains information in real time about the last and weighted average price, trading volumes in the foreign exchange and stock markets, information on the values โ€‹โ€‹of indicators, dividends, cross-rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also has the functions of sending notifications by time, by the schedule, by the occurrence of the set price, as well as of the upcoming special trades and their results. From December 1, KASE will provide the following types of KASEInfoBot service packages: "Free", "Standard" and "Premium". The updated text of the Regulations will be published on KASE website at [2021-10-19]