From October 8 issuer will be replaced on bonds of ATFBank JSC (SB of "Jusan Bank" JSC) of eight issues in KASE's trading systems and databases and trading in them will be resumed

07.10.21 14:33
/KASE, October 7, 2021/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs you that from October 8, 2021, the issuer will be replaced in KASE's trading system and databases from ATFBank JSC (SB of "Jusan Bank" JSC) to First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC on the following bonds: 1) KZ2C00002509 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb9); 2) KZ2C00003143 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb10); 3) KZ2C00003093 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb11); 4) KZ2C00003101 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb12); 5) KZ2C00003119 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb13); 6) KZ2C00003127 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb14); 7) KZ2C00003135 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb15); 8) KZ2C00004059 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb16). The current trading codes of the indicated bonds will not be changed. First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC has provided KASE with copies of changes and additions to the issue prospectuses of the said bonds registered by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market on September 28, 2021, as well as certificates of state registration of the issue of securities replacing those previously issued in connection with the change of the name of the issuer from ATFBank JSC (SB of "Jusan Bank" JSC) to First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC, which are available on KASE website – From October 8, 2021, trading in these bonds which had been suspended since September 6, 2021, will also be resumed on KASE. Earlier, there was a related KASE news item dated September 6, 2021 " Trading in securities of ATFBank (SB of Jusan Bank) to be suspended on KASE from September 6" – [2021-10-07]