FIVE BROKERS' CAPITAL repaid bonds KZ2C00006468 (FIVEb1)

12.08.21 15:25
/KASE, August 12, 2021/ - FIVE BROKERS' CAPITAL JSC (Almaty) has informed Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) of repayment on August 11, 2021 of its bonds KZ2C00006468 (FIVEb1) whereas the final - the 6th - coupon interest was paid on the mentioned bonds. According to the message, the total amount of payments on the mentioned bonds made up KZT62,754,368.38, including the principal debt (total face value of bonds) – KZT59,837,300.00, the 6th coupon interest KZT2,917,068.38. [2021-08-12]