Sole shareholder of KAZAKHALTYN Mining-Metallurgical Concern takes decision on voluntary delisting of shares KZ1C00001494 (KZAL) on KASE due to the company's reorganization

12.04.21 22:07
/KASE, April 12, 2021/ – KAZAKHALTYN Mining-Metallurgical Concern (Stepnogorsk), whose shares are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about decisions of its sole shareholder dated March 26, 2021. The shareholder also took the following decisions: - to approve and conduct a voluntary delisting of the company's shares, which are in the official list of KASE; - to approve the reorganization of the company by transforming it from a joint- stock company into a limited liability partnership This information is available (in Kazakh and Russian) on – [2021-04-12]