Amendments to Regulations on Membership come into effect from March 29

29.03.21 17:06
/KASE, March 29, 2021/ – As previously announced, by a decision of the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) dated March 10, 2021, changes and additions No. 3 (amendments) to KASE's internal document "Regulations on Membership" (Regulations) were approved. These amendments came into effect on March 29, 2021 in connection with the commissioning of a new part of the electronic document management system is2in. These amendments provide for the transfer of services for admission of candidates for KASE members (foreign KASE members) into an electronic format. At the same time, receipt of an application for admission to KASE members (foreign KASE members) from candidates and relevant documents for consideration will be carried out by uploading them to the new is2in system using electronic digital signatures. In addition, such stages of the admission process to KASE members (foreign KASE members) as verification of compliance with basic membership requirements and verification of documents submitted for consideration will be converted into electronic format. These amendments also: - procedural clarifications were introduced as part of the transfer of process of admission of candidates to KASE members into electronic format; - in relation to a candidate for foreign members of KASE in the "currency" category, the requirement on the necessity of membership in a foreign exchange in a similar category has been excluded; - the details of the regulatory document of the authorized body determining the formation of a risk management and internal control system for second-tier banks were updated; - editorial clarifications have been made. The updated text of the Regulations will be published on KASE website in the near future. [2021-03-29]