KASE determined leading operators of stock exchange's repo market in June and the first 6 months of 2003

01.07.03 00:00
/IRBIS, July 1, 03/ - Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) has determined the list of companies - leading operators of stock exchange's repo market in Kazakhstan in June of 2003. The place in the list is given according to portion of concluded deals in aggregate gross turnover of trades (total of purchased and sold instruments on repo opening and closing operations). At that, all repo deals were taken into account regardless of the sector (automatic repo or direct deals method) and subject of repo (government or corporate securities). The position of each entity was expressed in currency of the payments - tenge. A total of 32 companies participated in making of deals in at KASE's repo sector in March excluding the National Bank of Kazakhstan (banks, broker- dealer companies, pension assets management companies, SAPF, non- banking financial organizations). Below is the list of 10 the most active operators, which controlled 66.2% of this sector of the stock exchange's market, given in descending order of their stakes in total deals volume. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Position Position Brief title Stake in in June in May of a bank trades 2003 2003 or a company volume, % -------- -------- ------------------------------------------- --------- 1 2 Bank TuranAlem OJSC (Almaty) 15.3 2 9 Nurbank OJSC (Atyrau) 8.9 3 4 Eurasian bank CJSC (Almaty) 8.1 4 1 ATFBank OJSC (Almaty) 6.68 5 3 Bank CenterCredit OJSC (Almaty) 6.67 6 6 Bank Caspian OJSC (Almaty) 6.4 7 5 DB "ABN AMRO Bank Kazakhstan" CJSC (Almaty) 3.7 8 12 Kazpost OJSC (Almaty) 3.6 9 7 KAZKOMMERTSBANK OJSC (Almaty) 3.5 10 11 Alliance Bank OJSC (Almaty) 3.4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The newcomers of the "active ten" in comparison with May of 2003 are Kazpost OJSC and Alliance Bank OJSC, that pulled out Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (Almaty, 8th place) and TEMIRBANK OJSC(Almaty, 10th place). Below is similar table of the most active KASE's members in the repo sector for the first half year of 2003. A total of 38 companies participated in making of deals in this period, besides the National Bank. ------------------------------------------------------------ Posi- Brief name of Stake in gross tion company volume of trades, % ----- ---------------------------------- ------------------- 1 Bank TuranAlem OJSC 13.0 2 AMB OJSC 12.4 3 Nurbank OJSC 6.94 4 Eurasian bank CJSC 6.92 5 Bank Caspian OJSC 5.8 6 Bank CenterCredit OJSC 5.2 7 Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan OJSC 5.1 8 KAZKOMMERTSBANK OJSC 4.4 9 DB "ABN AMRO Bank Kazakhstan" CJSC 3.3 10 TEMIRBANK OJSC 2.9 ------------------------------------------------------------ [2003-07-01]