Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan announces complete early redemption of international bonds XS0867478124, XS0867573890 (BTASe16)

01.03.21 19:09
/KASE, March 1, 2021/ – Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (Almaty), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with the following press release dated March 1, 2021: quote Joint Stock Company Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan ("Halyk Bank") (LSE: HSBK; KASE: HSBK, HSBKd; AIX: HSBK, HSBK.Y) fully prepaid its USD750,000,000 Eurobond issue bearing 5.5% coupon rate due 2022 (the Notes). The full prepayment was made for the amount of USD248,012,457.00 on 1 March 2021 together with the interest accrued but unpaid. The prepayment was made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Notes (Condition 8 (с) "Redemption at the option of the Bank"). unquote The complete press release is available on KASE website: - https://kase.kz/files/emitters/HSBK/hsbk_reliz_010321_1.pdf – in Russian; - https://kase.kz/files/emitters/HSBK/hsbk_reliz_010321_eng_1.pdf – in English. [2021-03-01]