On February 26, repeated special trading session for offering of MEKKAM-149 of issue 149 (KZK100000258, MKM012_0149) was held on KASE

26.02.21 17:26
/KASE, February 26, 2021/ – As announced earlier, a repeated special trading session for the offering of government short-term treasury bonds of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Finance MEKKAM-12 of the 149th issue (KZK100000258, MKM012_0149) was held in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) today. According to the statement received by KASE, the issuer executed orders for the total amount of KZT13,827,671,200 at face value, setting the cut-off price at 92.5175 % of the face value (yield – 9.00 % APR). The weighted average clean price in executed orders amounted to 92.5227 % of the face value (yield – 8.99 % per annum). According to KASE, the bid to ask made up 148.6 %, the volume of executed orders – KZT12,793,738,313.4. The extended news item on the offering will be published later. KASE news item "Repeated special trading session for offering of 149th issue of MEKKAM-12 (KZK100000258, MKM012_0149) is held on KASE today" is available on KASE website at https://kase.kz/en/news/show/1453942/ [2021-02-26]