International bonds US91282CAV37 (US_06_3011) and US912810RJ97 (US_07_4411) of United States Department of Treasury included in KASE official list's sector "Government Securities" from February 3

02.02.21 17:51
/KASE, February 2, 2021/ – Following a decision of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), from February 2, 2021, the following international bonds of the United States Department of the Treasury are included in the sector "Government securities" of KASE's official list: - US91282CAV37 ($91,860,830,000; 16.11.20 – 15.11.30; semi-annual coupon, 0.875 % APR; actual/actual); - US912810RJ97 ($42 020 892 000; 17.11.14 – 15.11.44; semi-annual coupon, 3.00 % APR; actual/actual). The initiator of admission of the said bonds is Freedom Finance (Almaty). The said bonds were assigned abbreviations (tickers) US_06_3011 and US_07_4411. More details of said bonds issue will be soon released on KASE website at [2021-02-02]