From December 30 international bonds XS2252216937 (EBRDe12) and XS2264979431 (EBRDe13) of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development included in GS basket with CCP and in NBRK basket with CCP

29.12.20 10:48
/KASE, December 29, 2020/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs you that the following international bonds of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development were included in the list of securities from the GS basket with the CCP and from the NBRK basket with the CCP from December 30, 2020: - XS2252216937 (sector "securities of international financial institutions", EBRDe12; KZT80.0 bn, 12.11.20 – 12.11.24; floating semi-annual coupon; actual/360); - XS2264979431 (sector "securities of international financial institutions", EBRDe13; KZT60.0 bn, 08.12.20 – 08.12.29; floating semi-annual coupon, equal to the semi-annual inflation in the Republic of Kazakhstan + 1 %; actual/360). The text of Specification of repo transactions carried out by the "automatic" method is available on KASE website – [2020-12-29]