Exchange simulator: trading volume from November 16 to November 27 reaches KZT2,360.7 mln

30.11.20 11:56
/KASE, November 30, 2020/ – As announced earlier, from November 16 to December 15, 2020, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) conducts a training competition called "Exchange simulator". Within two weeks of the competition (from November 16 to November 27) the amount of trading reached KZT2,360.7 mln. The average daily amount of deals in said period reached KZT236 mln. Below are data on all concluded deals, in terms of instruments, during the period from November 16 to November 27, 2020: ---------------------------------- Number Ticker of deals Volume, mln tenge ------- -------- ----------------- BAST 183 22.2 CCBN 814 126.7 GB_KZMS 1,065 218.2 HSBK 1,573 367.0 KCEL 768 129.6 KEGC 730 113.5 KZAP 622 101.1 KZTK 1,151 362.8 KZTO 1,816 501.3 RU_SBER 660 99.9 RU_VTBR 486 24.1 US_BAC_ 1,017 294.3 ------- -------- ----------------- Total 10,885 2,360.7 ---------------------------------- The maximum number and maximum amount of deals concluded by one participant are 360 and KZT187.5 mln, respectively. Currently, 1,054 students from more than 30 various educational institutions have been registered to participate in the "Exchange simulator" project. The goal of the project is to increase the financial literacy of young professionals who wish to acquire practical skills for operation in the stock market. Students are provided with the opportunity to trade the most liquid securities of Kazakhstan's market, most of which are included in KASE Index. Each participant at the beginning of trading is provided with a portfolio worth one million tenge for management. The main task of students is to form the best portfolio, which will determine the winners of the competition. This competition has been conducted by KASE group of companies since 2008. [2020-11-30]