Special trading session for selling 3,211,049 ordinary shares KZ1C00013143 (KZMK) of Kazakhstan Maktasy on KASE on October 15 declared failed

15.10.20 18:04
/KASE, October 15, 2020/ – A special trading session to sell ordinary shares KZ1C00013143 (sector "non-listed securities", KZMK) of Kazakhstan Maktasy (Shymkent) was held in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) today on the terms below (Almaty time). ----------------------------------------------- ISSUE PARAMETERS: ------------------------------- --------------- Security type: ordinary shares ISIN: KZ1C00013143 KASE trade code: KZMK Total number of shares, pieces: – authorized: 3,211,049 – outstanding: 3,211,049 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ OFFERING TERMS: ------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Date of trading: October 15, 2020 Declared sales volume, pieces: 3,211,049 Lot size, pieces: 1 Trade subject: share price Purchase orders types: limit Order submission method: closed Order acceptance period: 11:30–13:00 Order confirmation period: 11:30–13:00 Cut-off date and time: 15:00 (Т+0) Payment date and time: October 15, 2020, 15:00 Order cut-off method: orders are cut-off, whose prices are equal to or below the cut-off price Limit order execution method at the single cut-off price; depending on the prices of orders: Limit order execution method in accordance with depending on the order of their submission: item 6 of Article 28 of the Methods of conducting trades in the TCS ASTS+ Trade initiator: Centras Securities (Almaty) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The special trading session was recognized and declared invalid in accordance with sub-item 2) of item 1 of article 27 of KASE's internal document "Regulations on methods of conducting trades in the trading and clearing system ASTS+", due to the fact that KASE did not accept any limit offset order. [2020-10-15]