Samruk-Energy announces activities on modernization of Almaty CHP-2 to cut emissions to environment

25.09.20 11:21
/KASE, September 25, 2020/ – Samruk-Energy (Nur-Sultan), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with the following communique dated September 25, 2020: quote As it is known, Samruk-Energy JSC is working on the modernization of Almaty CHP-2 in order to minimize emissions into the environment. Taking into account the importance of the topic, the company tried to provide answers to the most acute questions related to this project. Almaty CHP-2: gasification Almaty CHP-2 will be fully converted to gas. Thus, an end has been put in active discussions on how to modernize the CHP-2 and minimize its harmful impact from emissions on the environment. This question was initiated by the public of the city, environmentalists – they were uncompromising in their conviction, demanding the transfer of the station to environmentally friendly fuel – gas. The arguments were heard and a crucial positive decision was made on this issue at the state level. On August 1, 2019, a roadmap for the modernization of CHP-2 was approved. On selection of the project's variants. Discussions of the modernization option were also hot and not only in person, but also online. In particular, using the platforms Zoom, Facebook. In total, over 20 thousand people took part in the open debates. In accordance with the terms of reference for the development of the feasibility study, four options were considered: - Modernization of boilers with conversion to gas; - Reconstruction of existing boilers with installation of gas cleaning equipment; - Expansion of CHP-2; - Construction of a new gas station. After discussing the problem with specialists – power engineers, ecologists, economists, government officials, the sole shareholder of the plant owner – Samruk-Energy JSC, taking into account the opinion of the public and industry professionals, chose an acceptable, environmentally friendly and technically feasible option No. 1. The developer of the feasibility study is KazNIPIEnergoprom JSC. unquote The complete press release is available on: - – in Kazakh; - – in Russian. [2020-09-25]