Sole shareholder of PAVLODARENERGO approves consolidated annual financial statements of the company and decides not to pay out dividends on ordinary shares for 2019

02.09.20 11:40
/KASE, September 2, 2020/ – PAVLODARENERGO (Pavlodar), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about decisions of its sole shareholder of August 28, 2020: - to approve the company's audited consolidated financial statements for 2019; - not to accrue nor to pay dividends on ordinary shares of the company for 2019, not to determine the amount of dividends for the year per ordinary share; - take note of the information about the absence of any claims from the shareholder regarding the actions of the company and its executives; - to choose Deloitte LLP for auditing the company's financial statements for 2020. This information is available on – [2020-09-02]