Board of Directors of RG Brands changed

27.08.20 14:00
/KASE, August 27, 2020/ – RG Brands (Almaty), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE that by the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of August 18, 2020 E.Zh. Koshkinbayev, a member of the Board of Directors, has been removed from the Board of Directors. Given this change, the Board of Directors of RG Brands now comprises six people: K.K. Mazhibayev, T.S. Kaltayev, Franck Benhamou, Dewaele Hans Alexander, Alain Perrot, James Michael Lafferty. This information is available (in Kazakh and Russian) at – [2020-08-27]