BAST on June 30 placed 40,000 pieces of ordinary shares KZ1C00001015 (BAST) in the amount of KZT500.0 mln in KASE's trading system

30.06.20, 18:20
/KASE, June 30, 2020/ – A special trading session for the offering of ordinary shares KZ1C00001015 (KASE alternative market, sector "shares", BAST) of BAST (Almaty) was held in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) today. Freedom Finance (Almaty) acted as the seller during the special trading session. A total of 155,211 ordinary shares were offered for placement. The trade subject was the price of one ordinary share expressed in tenge with accuracy within the second decimal place. Orders for participation in the trades were submitted by closed method from 11:00 to 13:30 o'clock, Almaty time (ALT). Only limit orders were accepted for trading. Four orders for purchase of 47,000 shares with the total volume of KZT585,750,000,0 were submitted to KASE's trading system by the end of orders collection. These orders were submitted at the price of KZT12,250 and KZT12,500.00. Bid to ask was 30.3 %. Based on the results of trading, the seller has executed three orders at the price of KZT12,500.00 thus placing 40,000 shares. The amount raised made up KZT500,000,000.0. 83.8 %, in terms of amounts raised, were purchased by legal entities, 16.3 % – by individuals [2020-06-30]