EGM of National Atomic Company Kazatomprom’s shareholders by absentee voting due on July 28

04.06.20, 15:03
/KASE, June 4, 2020/ – National Atomic Company Kazatomprom (Nur-Sultan), whose securities are officially listed on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with press release dated June 4, 2020, which states as follows: quote JSC National Atomic Company "Kazatomprom" ("Kazatomprom" or "the Company"), actual address: 17/12, E10 Street, Z05T1X3, Yessil District, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan, hereby notifies Company shareholders of an in-absertia extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Kazatomprom (the "Meeting") by absentee voting on the issue "On some issues of Board of Directors of NAC Kazatomprom". The primary agenda item to be voted on by shareholders will be related to proposed adjustments to the structure of Board member remuneration, in light of the ongoing global pandemic. Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Kazatomprom is convened at the initiative of the Board of Directors (Minutes No. 8/20 dated June 3 2020), at the request of majority shareholder Samruk-Kazyna JSC (incoming No. 128-dsp dated 19 May 2020. The start date for the submission of ballots is 20 July 2020. The closing date is 27 July 2020, at 18:30 (Nur-Sultan time). Absentee votes will be counted on 28 July 2020, prior to 18:30 (Nur-Sultan time). The date and time for compiling the list of shareholders entitled to participate in the Meeting is midnight Nur-Sultan time (00:00) on 1 July 2020. unquote Full version of the press release is posted on the KASE website at – [2020-06-04]