From May 28 revised Rules of control of use of insider information

28.05.20, 17:35
/KASE, May 28, 2020/ – Following a decision of the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) dated May 27, 2020, the updated internal document of KASE called "Rules of control of the use of insider information" (the Rules) was approved, with effect as of May 28, 2020. In the new edition of the Rules: - the conceptual apparatus was updated and supplemented; - the procedure and terms for disclosing insider information were determined; - norms have been introduced that determine the procedure for maintaining the list of KASE's employees who have access to insider information of issuers with respect to which KASE is recognized as an insider; - amendments were in terms of notification of individuals of their inclusion in KASE's insider list, as well as in the list of employees with access to insider information of issuers for which KASE is recognized as an insider; - the list of insider information, which now contains the conditions for the disclosure of insider information of each type was updated. From May 28, 2020 the previous edition of the Rules is recognized as invalid. The updated Rules will be released on KASE website soon. [2020-05-28]