From May 12 trading in ATFBank bonds KZ2C00003135 (ATFBb15) resumed on KASE

12.05.20, 09:50
/KASE, May 12, 2020/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) notifies you that from May 12, 2020 trading in bonds KZ2C00003135 (KASE main market, category "bonds", ATFBb15) of ATFBank (Almaty) was resumed on KASE. Trading in said bonds was suspended on KASE from April 30, 2020. Trades in these bonds were resumed after receipt by KASE of a letter from ATFBank JSC dated May 5, 2020 stating that the general meeting of holders of these bonds scheduled for April 30, 2020 (including the repeated general meeting scheduled for May 4, 2020) was declared failed due to the postponement of the date of the meeting to June 1, 2020. Earlier there were related KASE news items: - dated May 11, 2020 "General meeting of holders of ATFBank’s bonds KZ2C00003135 (ATFBb15) rescheduled from April 30 to June 1" – - dated April 27, 2020 "From April 30 trading in bonds KZ2C00003135 (ATFBb15) of ATFBank will be suspended" – [2020-05-12]