Special trading session on May 6 on KASE for offering bonds KZ2C00006484 (BASPb8) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund declared failed

06.05.20 16:38
/KASE, May 6, 2020/ – A special trading session for the offering of bonds KZ2C00006484 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", BASPb8) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund (Almaty) was held in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) today. BID PARAMETERS: -------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Number of participants: 5 Number of orders submitted (all / active), including: 8 / 8 – limit: 8 / 8 – market: 0 Volume of active orders*, mln tenge, including: 15,092.4 – limit: 15,092.4 – market: 0 Bid to ask, %: 320.0 "Clean" price on orders submitted, % of face value (on all / on active ones): – minimum 91.9759 – maximum 93.1673 – weighted average 92.6984 Yield on orders submitted, % APR (on all / on active ones): – minimum 11.4500 – maximum 11.9999 – weighted average 11.6649 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * active orders – orders not annulled by trade participants at expiry of order submission period including those confirmed by Confirmation System participants. In the entire volume of active orders, the share of second-tier banks (STBs) accounted for 87.4 %, other institutional investors accounted for 12.6 %. OFFERING TERMS: --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Trade date: May 6, 2020 Current maturity: 2.8 years (1,011 days) Announced offering volume, tenge: 5,000,000,000 Lot size, pieces: 1 Trade subject: "clean" price Purchase order types: limit Order submission method: closed Order collection period: 10:00–12:00 Order confirmation period: 10:00–12:30 Striking time: 14:00 (Т+0) Payment date: May 6, 2020, 14:00 Order cut-off method: orders are cut-off, whose prices are equal to or below the cut-off price Limit order execution method: at prices of limit offset orders equal to the cut-off price or those more favorable for the seller; pro rata to amounts of offset orders Trade initiator: Halyk Finance, a subsidiary of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan Trading system sector: Debts_List_ST1 Trading system group: Bonds_ST1_Alt ------------------------------------------------------------------ The special trading session was recognized and declared failed due to the unfavorable price fixed on submitted orders. [2020-05-06]