NOTICE: On holding the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC by absentee voting.

14.04.20 18:00
/KASE, April 14, 2020/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange joint stock company (hereinafter, the Exchange), the executive body (Management Board) of which is located at the following address: 8th floor, 280 Baizakov St., Northern Tower of the Almaty Towers multifunctional complex, 050040, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, informs its shareholders about the Annual General Meeting of the Exchange’s shareholders convened according to the decision (at the initiative) of the Exchange’s Board of Directors (meeting minutes No. 12 dated April 13, 2020). The Annual General Meeting of the Exchange’s shareholders will be held on May 29, 2020 by way of absentee voting of the Exchange’s shareholders without holding the General Meeting of shareholders (hereinafter, the Meeting). Meting agenda: 1. On the approval of the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of the Exchange’s shareholders. 2. On the Exchange’s operations in 2019 3. On the approval of annual financial statements of the Exchange for 2019. 4. On the procedure for distribution of the Exchange’s net income for 2019. 5. On determining an audit firm to audit annual financial statements of the Exchange for 2020. 6. On the shareholders’ petitions related to the actions of the Exchange and its officials and the results of their consideration. 7. On the information regarding the amount and the makeup of remuneration for members of the Board of Directors and of the Management Board of the Exchange and the composition of these bodies. 8. On the 2020 remuneration for the Board of Directors’ members. The list of the Exchange’s shareholders entitled to participate at the AGM will be compiled as at 00:00 Almaty time April 29, 2020. Date of start of submission of voting ballots: April 29, 2020. Deadline for submission of voting ballots for absentee vote counting – May 28, 2020. Date of absentee vote count – May 29, 2020. Voting ballots received by the Exchange from its shareholders by 6 p.m. Almaty time, May 28, 2020 will be taken into account during vote counting at the meeting. Full text of the meeting notice is available at the Exchange’s website: [2020-04-14]