IRBIS agency (Kazakhstan) has conducted corporate training for collaborators of KAZKOMMERTSBANK OJSC

03.03.03, 00:00
/IRBIS, March 3, 03/ - Last week Information agency of financial markets "IRBIS" (Almaty) by request of KAZKOMMERTSBANK OJSC conducted training for the bank's collaborators, who work with pawns as securities, on the theme "Market evaluation of shares and bonds". The training was a series of lectures on the requested by the customer themes, which were taught by specialists-practical men, who work at Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE), in "IRBIS" agency and Alliance Bank OJSC (Almaty). During the training participants obtained notions about the work of KASE, stock exchange's listing requirements, peculiarities of quotation at KASE of different securities, their coding. There were examined methods of deals making, which are most often used by KASE's brokers, reasons, which make traders use this or that method. Much attention was paid on deals' nature, degree of their being market deals and expediency of using stock exchange's quotations and prices for market evaluation of shares and bonds under concrete conditions of Kazakhstan stock market. Participants of the training were familiarized with the project of stock exchange's methods of evaluation of shares and bonds, which are used by trades' participants as the subject of repo-transactions, learned major principles of stock exchange's repo market's functioning. Special attention in the training were paid on lectures, which were devoted to methods of shares and bonds evaluation, including - with usage of data about trades' results. Lectures were accompanied by practical examples. The Agency prepared corresponding handout for participants. After the lectures participants were given test, results of which were given to customer's representatives, and participants received certificates from the agency. Conducting of such the measures, which one can call "Professionals - to professionals", - is the first precedent for IRBIS agency, which before, besides its primary activity, prepared specialists for securities market and worked with students of higher educations institutions. Participants of the training were very interested in the offered material that lets the agency hope for expansion of this type of services at Kazakhstan stock market. [2003-03-03]