KASE developed and launched implementation of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Action Plan

16.03.20 17:08
/KASE, March 16, 2020/ - The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has developed KASE Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) Action Plan to ensure the continuity of its operations and the health of its employees and has begun to implement it. The Plan provides for the following main activities among other things: - providing briefings to KASE employees to reduce face-to-face meetings with clients and staff and to ensure that the employees comply with new sanitary standards in the workplace; - ensuring that employees work in shifts using remote access technologies to the Exchange's resources in accordance with the rules of such access; - travel restriction for employees and for their participation in public events; - mandatory 14-day quarantine for employees returning from travel to countries with a significant number of coronavirus cases (including those returning from vacations, trainings and business trips that started earlier on) with remote access; during this period employees will work from home; - transfer to work-from-home with remote access for 15 calendar days for employees who have been in contact with sick employees; - The Exchange will request and assess the adequacy of relevant plans of systematically important service providers in order to assess risks of disruption. KASE will continue to operate as normal, taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. [2020-03-16]