KAZ Minerals PLC (United Kingdom) provides production report for 12 months and fourth quarter of 2019

27.02.20, 10:21
/KASE, February 27, 2020/ – KAZ Minerals PLC (London), whose shares are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with the following production report of the group KAZ Minerals PLC for 12 months and the fourth quarter of 2019: quote Copper production in 20191 increased by 6% to 311.4 th. tons (2018: 294.7 th. tons) - The annual copper production volume1 exceeds the target figure around 300 th. tons, thanks to the outperforming dynamics of production on Aktogay - Bozshakol and Aktogay enrichment plants for processing of sulphide ore operated at the calculated throughput capacity in 2019 - Copper production in the fourth quarter1 made up 80.9 th. tons (3K 2019: 82.9 th. tons) thanks to the high capacity of all units - Gold production2 increased by 10% to 201.5 th. ounces during the year (2018: 183.4 th. ounces) thanks to the high content of gold in the ore on Bozshakol and Bozymchak. unquote The report is available on KASE website – https://kase.kz/files/emitters/GB_KZMS/gb_kzms_reliz_300120_1.pdf [2020-02-27]