Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan announces consent solicitation offer in respect of international bonds XS0583796973, US46627JAB08 (HSBKe5) и XS0867478124, XS0867573890 (BTASe16)

19.02.20, 17:20
/KASE, February 19, 2020/ – Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (Almaty), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has announced consent solicitation offer in respect of outstanding notes: quote The Issuer has today provided notices of meetings (the “Notices of Meetings”) to solicit proxies (the “Solicitation”) from the beneficial holders of the outstanding Notes (the “Noteholders”) to consider and, if thought fit, pass Extraordinary Resolutions (the “Extraordinary Resolutions”) at meetings of the Noteholders (the “Meetings”) in relation to certain consents and amendments (the “Consents and Amendments”) being sought to: (i) the terms and conditions of the 2021 Notes (the “2021 Note Conditions”) and (ii) the terms and conditions of the 2022 Notes (the “2022 Note Conditions” and, together with the 2021 Note Conditions, the “Conditions”), all as more fully described in the Consent Solicitation Memorandum (the “Memorandum”) dated 19 February 2020 (the “Proposal”). Subject to the terms of the Proposal and, unless such condition is waived by the Issuer, provided all Extraordinary Resolutions are passed and become effective in accordance with their terms and upon the occurrence of the Effective Date (see “Expected Timetable” below), Noteholders who validly vote in favour of the Proposal in accordance with the Solicitation will be entitled to receive the applicable Consent Fee on the Settlement Date (see “Consent Fee” below). Noteholders are advised to refer to the Memorandum for meanings of capitalised terms used in this announcement, the full terms of the Solicitation and the procedures related thereto. Each Notice of Meeting convening the Meetings at the offices of Linklaters LLP, One Silk Street, London EC2Y 8HQ, United Kingdom, at which the Extraordinary Resolutions to approve the Proposal and its implementation will be considered and, if thought fit, passed, has been published in accordance with the relevant Conditions. The initial meeting (in respect of the 2021 Notes) will commence at 10:00 a.m. (London time) on 12 March 2020, with the subsequent Meeting (in respect of the 2022 Notes) being held at 10:15 a.m. (London time) on 12 March 2020. unquote This information is available at: - https://kase.kz/files/emitters/HSBK/hsbk_reliz_190220_1.pdf – in Russian; - https://kase.kz/files/emitters/HSBK/hsbk_reliz_190220_eng.pdf – in English. [2020-02-19]