Issuer of six issues of Baspana Mortgage Organization’s bonds changed in KASE trading systems and databases as of February 14

14.02.20 11:52
/KASE, February 14, 2020/ – According to the decision of the Management Board of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), the issuer of the following bonds was changed from Baspana Mortgage Organization to the Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund in KASE trading system and databases as of February 14, 2020: - KZ2C00005833 (KASE alternative market, category "commercial bonds", BASPb3); - KZ2C00006211 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", BASPb4); - KZ2C00006328 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", BASPb5); - KZ2C00006336 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", BASPb6); - KZ2C00006476 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", BASPb7); - KZ2C00006484 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", BASPb8). By the same decision of the Management Board, issuer code "BASP" of these shares was replaced with the code "KFUS" as of February 14, 2020 retaining current trading codes (tickers) of the bonds. This decision was made because the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Development of the Financial Market has registered changes and amendments to the issue prospectuses of bond and bond programmes of Baspana Mortgage Organization related to the change in the issuer’s name from Baspana Mortgage Organization to the Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund. These changes and amendments are available on KASE website – [2020-02-14]