ForteLeasing announces concluding interested party transaction

10.02.20, 12:41
/KASE, February 10, 2020/ - ForteLeasing (Almaty), whose shares are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE of concluding interested party transaction by an official letter. The mentioned information is available on KASE website (in Russian) at Информация по сделке: 1) дата договора: 07 февраля 2020 года 2) номер договора: Договора о залоге движимого имущества Transaction details: 1) contract date: February 7, 2020; 2) contract number: Movable Assets Pledge Agreement No. ZК-02-04-2018/10 and No. ZК-02-04-2018/11 [2020-02-10]