From December 19 units KZPF00000090 (FFINgw) of IUIT "GoodWill" managed by Freedom Finance included in sector "Securities of investment funds" of mixed market

19.12.19 18:02
/KASE, December 19, 2019/ – As announced earlier, following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Listing Commission of December 11, 2019, units ISIN – KZPF00000090 of IUIT "GoodWill" were included in the sector "Securities of investment funds" of the mixed market The managing company of IUIT "GoodWill" is Freedom Finance JSC (Almaty). The Listing Commission decision's effective date is December 19, 2019 after said issuer fulfilled terms set in sub-item 2) of item 1 of chapter 5 of appendix 2.2 to KASE's internal document "Listing Rules". Opening of trading in these units on KASE will be announced additionally. The custodian of IUIT "GoodWill" is Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (Almaty). Said units were assigned an abbreviation (ticker) FFINgw. More detailed information on said unit issue will be soon published on KASE website at [2019-12-19]