On the disclosure on the KASE website

10.12.19, 14:40
/KASE, December 10, 2019/ – The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs users of the website kase.kz that the information and the documents received from listed companies and KASE members as part of the disclosure stipulated by the legislation and KASE internal documents is published on this website. The list of the documents and the information to be disclosed, as well as the timing and the procedure for such disclosure are established by the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Securities Market" No. 461 dated July 2, 2003, the regulations of the authorized body and such KASE internal documents as Listing Rules and Regulations on Membership. KASE internal documents are released on KASE website at https://kase.kz/en/kase_rules/ We also inform that all necessary information security measures are taken in relation to the KASE’s information systems, including its website and the trading and clearing system. The technical information released on the KASE website is public and it enables trading participants to connect to the trading system. Please contact KASE with all inquiries concerning information on the website www.kase.kz. The information from other sources may be inaccurate or false. [2019-12-10]