Bank CenterCredit redeems bonds KZ2C00000586 (CCBNb22)

09.12.19, 14:31
/KASE, December 9, 2019/ - Bank CenterCredit (Almaty) has informed Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) of repayment of its bonds KZ2C00000586 (CCBNb22) whereas the final - the 20th - coupon interest was paid on the mentioned bonds on December 9, 2019 . According to the message, the total amount of payments on the mentioned bonds made up KZT12,223,388,100.00, including the principal debt (total face value of bonds) – KZT11,878,900,000.00, the 20th coupon interest KZT344,488,100.00. [2019-12-09]