Freedom Finance repurchases 57,850 bonds KZ2C00003945 (FFINb2) and 189,037 bonds KZ2C00004257 (FFINb3)

28.11.19, 16:45
/KASE, November 28, 2019/ – Freedom Finance (Almaty), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about the repurchase on November 27, 2019 of: - 57,850 own bonds KZ2C00003945 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", FFINb2) at a price of KZT1,196.00 per piece; - 189,037 own bonds KZ2C00004257 (KASE alternative market, category "bonds", FFINb3) at a price of KZT1,187.00 per piece. This information is available on – [2019-11-28]