Rules of Defining Amounts, Terms and Payment Procedure for Listing Fees to come into effect on November 27, 2019

27.11.19, 15:17
/KASE, November 27, 2019/ – Following the decision of the Board of Directors of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) of November 26, 2019, the updated internal document of KASE "Rules of Defining Amounts, Terms and Payment Procedure for Listing Fees" (Rules) to come into effect as of November 27, 2019. Said amendments were made for purposes of bringing the text of the Rules in line with changes and additions No. 9 made to KASE internal document "Listing Rules" that came into effect on May 29, 2019. The Rules determine the rates of listing fees, the procedure for calculating their amounts, as well as the timeframe and the payment procedure. The updated Rules envisage the following: - the rates and calculation of listing fees have been moved to a separate table as an annex to the Rules; - the maximum amount of entry listing fee accrued from the applicable amounts has been set in the amount of 5,000-fold MCI for simultaneous listing of four or more issues of securities in the relevant category and/or sector of the Alternative Market of the KASE Official List; - the condition was introduced that says that if the payer of listing fees is a non- resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, listing fees can be paid in a foreign currency at the official rate established by the National Bank of Kazakhstan as of the date of invoicing at the application of the payer of listing fees; - the provisions determining billing schedule for payment of listing fees have been introduced and clarifying amendments were made. As of November 27, 2019, the previous version of the Rules was declared null and void. The updated Rules will be released on KASE website soon at [2019-11-27]