From October 25 international bonds XS2069962343 (IFC_K281021) of International Finance Corporation included in KASE official list's sector "Securities of international financial institutions"

24.10.19, 15:54
KASE, October 24, 2019/ – As announced earlier, following a decision of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) of October 18, 2019, consent was given to inclusion of international bonds XS2069962343 (KZT1, KZT9.5 bn, 28.10.19 – 28.10.21; annual coupon 9.50 % APR; actual/actual) of International Finance Corporation in the sector "Securities of international financial institutions" of KASE official list. Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) (Almaty) is the initiator of admittance of said bonds. This decision of KASE's Management Board comes into effect from October 25, 2019 after the admittance initiator fulfilled terms of sub-item 1) of item 2 of Chapter 2 of Appendix 2.5 to KASE internal document "Listing Rules". Opening of trading in said bonds on KASE will be communicated later. Said bonds were assigned an abbreviation (ticker) IFC_K281021. More details of said bond issuance will be released on KASE website at [2019-10-24]