From October 4 bonds KZ2C00006286 (BRKZb17) of Development Bank of Kazakhstan included in "bonds" category of KASE official list's main market

04.10.19, 17:40
/KASE, October 4, 2019/ – As announced earlier, following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Listing Commission of October 4, 2019, bonds KZ2C00006286 (KZT1,000, KZT20.0 bn; 20 years, semi-annual coupon 0.15 % APR, 30/360) of Development Bank of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan) were included in KASE official list's main market's category "bonds". The Listing Commission decision's effective date is October 4, 2019, since the issuer fulfilled the terms set in sub-item 2) of item 1 of chapter 5 of appendix 2.2 of KASE internal document "Listing Rules". Opening of trading in these bonds on KASE will be announced additionally. Said bonds were assigned the abbreviation (ticker) BRKZb17. More detailed information on said bond issue will be released soon on KASE website at [2019-10-04]