NC Kazakhstan temir zholy raises KZT40.0 bn on KASE by placing fifteen-year bonds KZ2C00005866 (TMJLb6) at 2.00 % APR on August 20

20.08.19, 17:58
/KASE, August 20, 2019/ – A special trading session for the offering of fifteen- year bonds KZ2C00005866 (TMJLb6, KZT1,000, KZT40.0 bn; 20.08.2019–20.08.2034, 30/360) of NC Kazakhstan temir zholy (Nur-Sultan) was held in Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) trading system today. Below are the bid parameters and results of the special trading session. BID PARAMETERS: ------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------- Number of participants: 1 Number of orders submitted (all / active ones), 1 / 1 including: – limit: 1 / 1 – market: 0 Volume of active orders*, mln tenge: 40,000.0 – limit: 40,000.0 – market: 0 Bid to ask, %: 100.0 "Clean" price on the active order submitted, % 100.0 of the face value: Yield on the active order submitted, % APR: 2.0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * active orders – orders not annulled by trade participants at expiry of order submission period including those confirmed by Confirmation System participants. OFFERING RESULTS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Volume of orders executed, bonds: 40,000,000 Volume of orders executed, tenge: 40,000,000,000.0 Number of orders executed: 1 Volume of orders executed, % of plan: 100.0 "Clean" price in the order executed, %: 100.0 Yield of bonds to maturity for buyer, % APR: 2.0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ According to the Central Securities Depository (Almaty), the deal under this offering by the end of settlement based on the trading results, was executed. OFFERING TERMS: -------------------------------- ---------------------------- Trade date: August 20, 2019 Current maturity: 15 years (5,400 days) Declared offering amount, tenge: 40,000,000,000 Lot size, pieces: 1 Trade subject: "clean" price Buy order types: limit Order submission method: closed Order collection period: 11:30–12:00 Order confirmation period: 11:30–12:30 Striking time: 13:30 (Т+0) Payment date and time: August 20, 2019, 13:30 Order cut-off method: orders are cut-off, whose prices are equal to or below the cut-off price Orders execution method: at the cut-off price; by the time of acceptance of off-set orders; Trades initiator: SkyBridge Invest Trading system sector: Debts_List_ST1 Trading system group: Bonds_ST1_M ------------------------------------------------------------- [2019-08-20]