Sole shareholder of Development Bank of Kazakhstan decided to acquire 300 pieces of ordinary shares of the bank at the price of KZT40.0 mln per share by exercising its preemptive purchase right

11.07.19, 18:05
/KASE, July 11, 2019/ – Development Bank of Kazakhstan (Nur-Sultan), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), informed KASE of the decisions of its sole shareholder dated June 19, 2019: - to exercise the right of preemptive purchase of the bank’s shares in the number of 300 ordinary shares at the offering price of KZT40,000,000 per one share for the amount of KZT12,000,000,000; - to acquire the bank’s shares according to the established procedure by full payment in cash. This information is available at (in Kazakh and Russian) – [2019-07-11]