Samruk-Energy reports electric power generation at Moinak GES

27.05.19 12:14
/KASE, May 27, 2019/ – Samruk-Energy (Nur-Sultan), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided the KASE with press release, which states as follows: quote Over 350 mln kWh of electric power were generated at the Moinak HPP year-to-date, which amounted to 113% of the plan. According to the plant’s specialists, water content of the Sharyn River, where is the HPP is located, since the beginning of 2019 has been lower than the last year, but the inflow volume for 4 months is 10% higher than the long-term annual average. At the same time, despite the fact that the average annual flow rate of the river is small, about 30 m3/s, successful layout of structures of the hydraulic power system, the use of natural river bend and the altitude difference of about 500 meters, as well as the availability of narrow intermountain basins and small water reservoir-counter regulator allows the hydroelectric plant to generate up to 300 MW, covering peak values of the daily load curve of the Southern Zone of Kazakhstan’s power grid. Since its commissioning in 2012, the Moinak Hydroelectric Power Plant has produced more than 6.5 billion kWh of electric power. unquote Full version of the press release is posted on the KASE website: - – in Kazakh; - – in Russian. [2019-05-27]