Samruk-Energy reports activity results for 2018

08.02.19, 11:44
/KASE, February 8, 2019/ – Samruk-Energy (Astana), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with the press release dated February 8, 2019, which states as follows: quote In 2018, electrical energy consumption in Kazakhstan reached its maximum and exceeded 100 billionth threshold since 1990 for the first time and made 103,228 mln kWh. Last year, power plants of Samruk-Energy JSC generated 31,705 kWh of electrical energy and maintained its almost 30-per-cent market share of the total power generation in the country (106,797 kWh). Company specialists say that the increase in power generation is related to increased demand in electrical power from Kazakh consumers. Thus, the share of electrical energy production of Samruk-Energy in 2018 complies with indicators of the approved Development Strategy. unquote More details are available on KASE website at: - – in Kazakh; - – in Russian. [2019-02-08]